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313 West 4th Street

117 East 83rd Street

294 Round Hill Road

41 Charles Street – Townhouse

232 East 68th Street – Townhouse

In true Leslie J. Garfield style, here’s yet another townhouse from their amazing inventory that slams it out of the park. The townhouse is approximately 4,750 feet of pure photographic gold. The owner is an art enthusiast himself, so I was able to enjoy the fine art photographs that line the walls of the interior. 232 East 68th Street is for sale by Francis O’Shea. Here is his detailed description of the listing: On a tree-lined townhouse row in the heart of the Upper East Side sits 232 East 68th Street. This 18′-wide, five level…

14 East 4th Street – 817

Vacant, Loft-style apartment in Greenwich Village the Duplex Photographed

The Silk Building is a famous loft style condominium in the heart of Greenwich Village. Its a monster building with 12 stories that house 55 unique units. One of them is unit 817. This freshly renovated duplex apartment is a white walled beauty; a blank canvas that will surely be rented within a few weeks. Photographing a two-story apartment with an open ceiling is a true delight. For a vacant, white walled apartment, which can often feel sterile, the photos are dimensional and simple – matching the feeling of the apartment. Duplex took the photographs and…

The Stunning Apartment No One Wants

It’s normally not too difficult to sell a luxury apartment in New York.  According to a recent report by Douglas Elliman, luxury properties in Manhattan average only 90 days on the market. This makes a mystery out of the gem of a penthouse on the 51st and 52nd floors of One Beacon Court that has been on the market for more than a year now. The apartment’s owner, Stephen Cohen, the ill-famed hedge fund manager, is rumored to be downright confused and irritated. To be sure, there is nothing wrong with the property itself. The 9,000 square foot…

246 East 68th Street – Townhouse

Townhouse Facade - Real Estate Photography by Duplex

246 East 68th Street – a very unique, Georgian revival style townhouse is another listing for Leslie J. Garfield Real Estate that we created photographs and floor plans for. 68th street is a great townhouse street, and this old world gem does not disappoint. There are always unique architectural details that make photographing older buildings exciting, but this townhouse in particular was chock full of surprises. Take for example, this unbelievable 16’6″ x 42′ double layer garden that the dining room opens up to: Or if wood-paneled libraries and photographic symmetry are more your style, check this out: The…

138 East 92nd Street – Townhouse

Facade - Real Estate Photography by Duplex

138 East 92nd Street is a townhouse for sale through the great guys at Leslie J. Garfield Real Estate. It is located in a great neighborhood, and the photographs of the interior that I took came out great. The place has a large terrace, and a beautiful grand staircase. I always love when listings have high ceilings because it allows room for more spacious feeling photographs. The listing is put up by Mathew Lesser, Ravi Kantha, and Jed Garfield. Duplex handled the real estate photography and the floor plan for this listing. It’s always…

Manhattan is Out, Brooklyn is In

Finally there is evidence to support a fact that most New Yorkers have known for a long time—Brooklyn, not Manhattan, is the place to be. According to Douglas Elliman’s first quarter report, the Manhattan real estate market may have finally plateaued after two years of steady price growth. Meanwhile, Brooklyn is high in demand, with the median sale price up 17.5% year-on-year. If you are thinking about crossing the river, you are obviously not alone. The Elliman report reveals that the median sale price in Manhattan was down -.2% in the first three months of the…